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This Week

26th of August 2014 0

edit_1Well we’ve had quite a week here at Bisons HQ. A fantastic training session on Thursday was attended by twenty-five people which is a new Bisons record! This training session was brought to you by David and focused on the core value of teamwork.

The following night saw the first official social of the season and the chance for Josh, our social secretary, to unleash his own particular brand of beardy meyhem on our fresh-faced newbies. If you were following his Facebook up until this point, you will know that this night has taken a reasonable amount of planning (and a not insignificant amount of canned cream).Starting off in the Bristol Bear Bar, moving on to The Bank Tavern and (after I had left) finishing off in The Queen Shilling, the Bisons pretty (More…)

Ben Wainwright8:54am17th of August 2014 0

Fixture details have been confirmed! Friends and supporters are always welcome to our matches so let us know if you want to come along. For more details, try the Facebook event page for this fixture.

  • Playing against Caledonian Thebans RFC
  • Kickoff is at 2:00pm, players please arrive for 12:00pm
  • 112 Roseburn Street
    EH12 5PH

Josh Deuchars6:15pm11th of August 2014 0

image 2156

Event Details
Facebook Event

  • Location
    Bristol Bear Bar
    2 West St

I’m seeing lots of new faces appearing in the group and it’s been a while since I’ve seen some older (and uglier) face, so it’s about time we all got suitably merry and got to know our new bisons a little more… intimately. Nudge.

I’m expecting laughter, tears and the potential for some embarrassment and maybe a little vomit – fluffy bunnies anyone?

You’ve got just under two weeks to get excited. Feel free to submit any ideas as to how we’d like to welcome our new team mates. I’ve already got a few of my own… You have been warned.

A Fantastic Start to the Season

3rd of August 2014 0

10585152_10152557103499654_497396169_nPre-season training is finally upon us! It was great to see some new faces on Thursday and I will hopefully get a chance to introduce you to some of them at some point soon, so watch this space.

The session was run as a joint effort between our fantastic coaches Mark and Lee and our illustrious chairman David. We all got very sweaty and much fun was had. It was particularly great to see new members really getting involved, one even scoring a try in touch rugby! Some things I was reminded of:

Lee likes to run sideways (but we already knew that). Charlie, as well as having more tattoos than your average tribal witch-doctor, likes to keep them protected with a comprehensive layer of sweat when exercising. It also has the handy side-effect (More…)

Ben Wainwright7:49am22nd of July 2014 0

image 2020

Event Details
Facebook Event

  • Location
    The Bowl
    Town Gardens
    Old Town
    SN1 4EN

Now that the big one is over, there is still a few more Prides to attend. In the last few years a few of us have made it along in kit to Swindon & Wiltshire Pride.

It’s a great laugh, everyone is very friendly and generally we have a blast, only with less stress than Bristol pride. Would love to see you there!

Ben Wainwright7:58pm17th of July 2014 0

image 1993

Event Details

  • Location
    Cotham Park RFC
    Beggar Bush Lane
    BS8 3TF

Now that the glitter has settled and the sound of the Freemasons has stopped ringing in your ears, we thought it might be a good time to let you all know that it is time to dig out your boots, dust off your scrum caps and make sure your tiniest shower towels are on hand, because training starts again in two weeks.

Many of you know the drill, but for those that don’t, here is how it works: turn up at 7pm, make sure to bring some kind of sports clothing, studded boots or trainers, shampoo and a towel. New players are always welcome, so if you are unsure about anything please make sure to send us an email using the contact form on the About Us page. See you there!

Ben Wainwright11:59am13th of July 2014 0

Fixture details have been confirmed! Friends and supporters are always welcome to our matches so let us know if you want to come along.

  • Playing against Cardiff Lions RFC
  • Kickoff is at 1:00pm, players please arrive for 11:00am
  • 17 Forest Farm Rd
    CF14 7JN

Cutting the Ribbon for Pride

10th of July 2014 0

prideSo probably, you have reached this page because somebody has given you a handout, or you’ve just caught a glimpse of the glorious Bisons pink marching in the parade, so you thought you would check us out.

As it happens, you have chanced on us at the right time. Not only are we launching ourselves upon the thousands of homosexuals, bisexuals, transexuals, heterosexuals and other greek/latin compounds that may well flood into our city on Saturday, but we thought we would take the opportunity to undertake a launch of another kind. That is right; it is time to officially pronounce the new look OPEN.

Please feel free to have a look around and learn a bit more about our team. If you haven’t already found time to flirt with a rugby player, then look out for our kit today as many of (More…)

Lisbon Registration

27th of May 2014 0

Just a quick one from me; it has been asked that I post on here to remind people to register for Lisbon. For those that weren’t aware, you need to have registered by this Saturday (the 31st of May). Registrations can be made through their website.

Alan Collins9:54am24th of May 2014

image 1899

Event Details
Facebook Event

  • Location

Men can be brilliant, but we can be crap about talking about “stuff downstairs”.

One in eight men will develop Prostate Cancer and one in twelve of us will develop bowel cancer at some point in our lives – which is a startling thought when you stand on a pitch on a Saturday and look at the other fourteen guys standing next to you.

But cancer doesn’t just affect the one with the diagnosis; it also affects those you love and who love us. Following the recent news of the diagnosis of a close friend and long time supporter of Bristol Bisons RFC and being the manliest of men, we’re stepping up!

So while we may not be exactly cover model types (speak for yourself) we’ll run, swim, crawl, climb and fight our way to prove that the Bisons can take on (More…)