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Welcome to the home of the Bristol Bisons RFC - the South West's only inclusive and gay friendly rugby club. Please feel free to explore this site to find out a bit more about us.

If you'd like to, checkout our Zoti Shop, where both Supporters and Members can buy their own Team Wear and wear our colours with pride. You will be supporting us by making a purchase as the club gets money back for each sale.

7th of Jul 2015


Who’s up for some team building, kayaking and a weekend of fun?!

We’ll be camping for two nights at Lakeside Camp Park in the centre of the Brecon Beacons. The site allows BBQs and has an open common to provide enough space for us to kick a ball about. They also have a load of watersports on offer so we can look to arrange a canoeing or kayaking outing for those interested, as well as paddle-boarding. I’ll be taking bets for the first person to fall in (me).

22nd of Apr 2015


Well slap me with a chapati and call me Jaswinder – we’re due a social!

This is a traditional rugby faire so don your white shirt and dig out your ties, and prepare them for the inevitable staining. The Raj is on King St so if indian isn’t your thing, join for a drink afterwards.

See you there!

Match Result

4th of Apr 2015

4th of April 2015


  • Man of the Match - Youness Patafix
  • Try Scored - Youness Patafix
  • Try Scored - Youness Patafix
  • Try Scored - Lee Penfold

Match results are now in. Match reports and photos will follow shortly. If you believe this result to be incorrect, please let me know.

Thanks for Coming!

29th of Mar 2015


WHAT a night. After a busy busy BUSY night at the Shilling, the doors have shut and the pennies have been counted. We are very pleased to announce that last night’s fundraiser raised a grand total of £1,216.60. We’d like to thank each and every person that came through that door last night and those that put up with my persistent nagging to buy jelly shots and raffle tickets – you helped support the ONLY inclusive rugby team in the South West; helping people get involved in an awesome sport without fear of the discrimination they might otherwise face.

Thanks also to the newest face on the UK inclusive rugby scene, the Wessex Wyverns RFC for throwing yourself into the evening and all being amazingly good sports. We are looking forward to coming to see you soon for the Away match.

A massive, massive, massive thanks to Paul Stoodley and the team at (More...)

The Bisons on Jack FM

28th of Mar 2015 0


If you missed it, this morning Lee, Alex and Josh had the opportunity to talk to Ian Downs of Jack FM about the Bisons as a team and about tonight’s amazing fundraiser. Checkout the recording below!

16th of Mar 2015 0


Three matches. One day.

  • 12:30 – Italy Vs Wales
  • 14:30 – Scotland Vs Ireland
  • 17:00 – England Vs France

Come along and watch. As this is an all day session, there may be some moving about so if you want to join in later during the day then please join the Facebook event and you’ll receive notifications directly. I will try and keep you all posted, between the drinking and cheering! I may well be drowning in beer and burgers by the end. See you there!

16th of Mar 2015 0


Did you know that this year the Bisons will be ten years old? To mark the occasion, we are launching a brand new kit and plan to mark the occasion in style.

After playing against the Wessex Wyverns boys during the day, we will be in the QueenShilling in the evening showing off our glorious new kit. Please support us by coming along and getting merry with us; remember if you want to look as good as we do, you can now purchase the new kit just for yourself through our online shop (courtesy of Zoti sports). Each purchase you make will raise some money for the club so get spending!

Entry will be £2 before 11 and £4 after. All the proceeds from the door will go towards the club coffers, so each person you bring (More…)

26th of Feb 2015 0


The Union Cup is a biennial European, non-professional, gay rugby union tournament, bringing together teams and joint teams from all over Europe. The first edition was held in May 2005 in Montpellier, France, and had seven participating teams. Since then the tournament has been hosted by Copenhagen(2007), London, (2009), Amsterdam (2011) and non other than the lovely Bristol Bisons (2013). This year we are planning on taking a contingent of guys with us for the whole four days. If you’d like to come, please get in touch with us via the contact form on the about us page.

24th of Feb 2015 0


Get out the guns for a night lifting heavy balls and thrusting them down the alley. Bowling will be later than the meeting time so we’ll go for a drink beforehand and arrive at The Lanes suitably merry. For those interested, or for those of you that have changed your mind now thay the activity has changed, please update your status on the Facebook event.

Raise us money with Amazon

16th of Feb 2015 0


We know you love us. We know that you want to support us but lets face it; actually playing rugby is not for everyone. Now, courtesy of Easyfundraising, there is a new way for you to support the team.

Easyfundraising is a great new service which allows you to donate money to the Bisons every single time you shop online. Except… you are not really donating the money, the retailer is – so there is no cost to you at all. Easyfundraising works with huge retailers such as Amazon, Ebay, John Lewis, Apple and LOADS of others. You can even get us EF donations when you are buying holiday flights online.

To set yourself up to raise money for us, follow the following steps:

  • Register an account with Easyfundraising by going to our page on their website, clicking ‘support us now’, then filling out (More...)